Fuel Saving Tips for Car

Follow the fuel saving tips and save money

The Price of petrol is increasing day by day and it makes travel more costlier. It is the right time to think about the fuel saving techniques and thereby save money. The way you drive and the condition of the car really influence the fuel-consumption. Here are some tips that helps you to save fuel and money.

Vehicle Maintenance:
Get your car serviced at regular intervals of time from an authorized service center to ensure your engine efficiency. It will use less fuel and the vehicle will be more reliable. Check your tyre pressure regularly. Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Fuel filling:
Ensure that you are using the right specification of engine oil. Avoid the complete filling up of fuel tank. In order to maintain a proper pressure, its better to keep the tank half filled. Make sure that the fuel pipes are always dirt free and are not blocked by the residues of slow flowing fuel. Try to fill fuel in the morning, as specific gravity of fuel is high at this time. Use good quality fuel.

Drive at a speed limit:
The Fast driving may save few minutes but it always increase your fuel consumption. Keeping under the speed limits will not only save your money, but also make your journey safer and less stressful. Increasing your speed from 100 km/h to 120 km/h can increase your fuel consumption by 20%.

Avoid Fuel wastage:
Start your car when you are ready to go. Turn off your car if you need to stop for more than 3 minutes. By having the engine switched off, even for a short period, will save more fuel than is lost from the burst of fuel involved in restarting the engine.

Remove unnecessary weights:
The heavier the car, the more fuel it consumes. So avoid leaving heavy materials, tools or sports equipments inside the car.

Use air conditioner sparingly:
Air conditioners can use about 10 percent extra fuel when operating. Open a window or turn off air conditioner once the car has cooled. Leaking air conditioner gases can contribute to the greenhouse problem. So keep the air conditioner operating properly and avoid leaks.

Minimize wind resistance:
Additional parts on the exterior of a vehicle such as roof racks or sun visors will increases wind resistance and fuel consumption. So try to avoid those which are not in use.

Flow smoothly with traffic:
Follow the traffic rules. Keep a good distance from the car in front means you can see what is happening ahead and you don't have to brake every time.

Minimize Vehicle Use:
Plan trips in advance and try to combine short trips into one, as it saves both money and time. Try to avoid short vehicle trips by walking or cycling.
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