The Ford B Max Labelled at INR 6-7 Lakhs attracts people

Ford adds another hatch back to the family

It's small, it's a mini, it's another breed of the Figo? It definitely doesn't belong to the Figo breed even though they carry the same engine and are from one family. The B Max is a mini MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicle. The B Max is scheduled to be launched towards the end of the year 2015. Ford B Max would be competing with the Mahindra Mini Xylo in the Indian market. Comparing prices between the B Max and the Figo, B Max is priced higher than the Figo. It is right that the roads haven't had seen much hatchbacks from Ford, there are a very few ones. The B Max is targeted for families consisting of three or four members. There isn't much of style done on the car and it is neat and clean. This mini MPV can be put into the genre of fuel efficient cars and to the extent it falls under the Eco franchise of the Ford family.

As most of the other cars on the roads, the Ford B Max is available in two variants the petrol and the diesel. The petrol variant 12.1L it delivers around 120bhp and the diesel 14.1L delivers 75bhp, both come with a five speed manual transmission. The other aspect of the vehicle is that it comes in three variants just like the Ford Figo which comes in four variants, the LXI, EXI, ZXI, TITANIUM. This simply denotes to the class of the car one would be the base model, a middle class, and then the top end of the model. There wouldn't be much of variations in the engine, but what makes each one different from the other is the accessories that come along with the car.

Ford B Max

The exteriors of the Ford B Max is said to have followed the same pattern as the Ford Fiesta, which is true as it's small and neat. While designing this Ford hasn't left out the evident trademark they put when they designed the other cars in the past, so by looking at the design of the car most petroheads can figure out which brand the vehicle is. The five seater vehicle is occupied with gliding rear doors.

Ford B Max Gliding Rear Doors

The start and stop of the vehicle has followed the modern switch style, in one touch the job is done. The car is made to accommodate five people, in which the company tells the customers that it has an ample amount of space on the inside. The vehicle is capable of accommodating a page of shopping list items or luggage, as it has a spacious boot. A pleasant drive for the driver and a comfortable ride for the passengers is promised by the company.

Ford B Max Boot

The technology used for the accessories in the car isn't too sophisticated and is user friendly which makes it easy for the person driving the car to access any switches of the audio, A/C or of any sort while driving. Now talking on the safety of the car, it has gone through the Euro NCAP – New Car Assessment Programme. The car had passed the test with it's excellent safety features, the air bags for the knee are available for the driver which is very innovative and the safety features, that is used in modeling this car is rarely seen at a price range of this car.

Ford B Max Cabin View

If you are opting for a new car, which should be small and can be driven around the city hassle free, then the best option would be the Ford B Max. The car which is priced at INR 6-7 lakhs is a decent price tag for this genre of vehicles. If you are looking for a second car for your garage this car could be added to your choice list. Easy accessibility, the compact look makes the Ford B Max an irresistible choice for you.

Ford B Max Side View
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