Jaguar XE to accompany the XF and XJ soon

This dynamic cat is expected to be labeled at INR 35-40 lakhs

This once British owned company and then since 2008 currently in ownership of TATA Motors, is about to release another breed of the X series. This car will be manufactured out from the Solihull manufacturing plant in England. The Jaguar XE is what it is, trimmed down a little, sporty, elegant and a beauty in it's own way. As the name Jaguar means the big cat, the companies which had the ownership of the name in the past have made it point that they produce beauties with the power of atleast half of the animal jaguar. This car would be the best definition for 'the beauty and the beast'. The Jaguar XE has no tag-lines and it just bears the classic line of Jaguar 'Don't Dream It, Drive It'. Quoting what Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar said “The car is is the closest thing we will ever create to something that is alive.” Jaguar has always made sure that the price tags of their cars are in a shallow position, so no one complains. As the timeline of Jaguar shows that they have always been producing cars, that are rich in both the exterior and the interior. The material that is used in the car being the fabrics or the switch nobs they have always been selective and put quality first.

The all new XE has gone through many changes in terms of the body, the safety features, the interior cabin and for people who love to feel power or for people who want to know what power is, this would be the right option for all those petro burners. The size compared to the past generation X series, the XE has been slightly trimmed which is one of the highlights of this car. The technology used in the suspension of the car is the Integral link rear suspension that has been upgraded from the multi-link technology, where as the front uses the Double Wishbone Front Suspension tech this helps in high results of road holding and handling.

Jaguar Xe

The XE's lightweight structure helps the driver to feel the smooth and powerful silent horses beneath the hood. Powered by an efficient 2.0L, four cylinder petrol and diesel engines that match the 6 speed manual and 8 speed automatic transmission. The Jaguar breeds have always been fuel efficient and the XE is nothing the less than the rest in managing fuel consumption. The car is built around with the help of the aluminum intensive structure. The steering wheel of the car is another main feature which is to be highlighted, as Jaguar has taken the steering wheel concept to the next level. EPAS – Electric Power Assisted Steering is what is used in the XE wheel, this is the most modern technology in the steering wheel business. The steering wheel is also accessorized with the SAT – Semi Automatic Transmission. This new technology adapts to the drivers swinging expressions on the accelerator, it also adapts to the Jaguar drive control settings.

Jaguar Xe Aluminum Architecture

The cabin of the car is sharp and contains all the modern technologies of connectivity by phone or GPS – Global Positioning System. There are quite a number of other switches on the side of the driver seat, which is user friendly. The fabric and the furnishing on the dash all reveals the legacy of the Jaguar craftsmanship. ASPC – All Surface Progress Control is the technology which is based on the wheels of the car. For years this has been developed and used for both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The stereo cameras that are equipped on the outer portion of the car, help in sensing traffic signals and alerting when to hault and to depart. The eyes of the XE is basically the camera with the sensors, they even provide details like the accurate distance between the vehicle in the front and the rear which helps in avoiding collision in an emergency braking situation. Finding blind spots, bay parking alert, parallel parking are also features that the camera helps with.

Jaguar Xe Head Up Display

The company has been swaying around with the month in which the car should be launched in India. The XE had made some entries into some of the auto shows and has gathered great responses, so the company has full hope as to how it's customers would accept the new cat. Priced at INR 35-40 lakhs it doesn't raise eyebrows rather it brings a grin on faces, for that price is quite reasonable, especially for a JAGUAR.

Jaguar Xe Cabin

Jaguar Xe Aspc All Surface Progress Control
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