Mercedes-Benz F015, The Future Is Arriving

A bold foray into the future living

You don't need to be in a misery state of mind because of the traffic, no need to be afraid if you've had a peg or two cause you wouldn't get stopped by a traffic cop on patrol. Well all of this could be experienced in the near future, but all we can do is keep our hopes high for the time. Well the title keeps changing from 'Concept Car' to 'Research Car' back and forth. As mentioned before you don't need to literally have a steering wheel to control your car, all you need is your beautiful voice and there you have a robotic car. Well since it's a $50 million lab rat meant to research on, you wouldn't be able to book your 1 out of 100 car type of buying, you'd have to wait.

This car first originated on a blank piece of paper in a designing studio in Tokyo, 2011. The F015 made it's debut in the CES electronics show, Las Vegas in January this year. Audi had also showcased a fleet of driver-less A7 vehicles at the same venue, but the Audi looked more lo-fi than the Sci-fi Merc. Futurologists at the Mercedes have answered a few questions regarding the launch of the F015 and stated, that first they would need to know what the world would look like 15 years later. Further adding they even stated that the world's population is exploding and 'Time and Space' are factors that are getting limited. Merc has picked 2030 for the F015's fictional launch date, 2029 is the year that Alan Turing stated, machines would be able to think like human. Either the Mercedes-Benz have applied that definition or they came up with this innovative machine. Either way the F015 is fully packed with technology on the inside and the out, well even the roof to that extent.

Mercedes Benz F015

F015 drives upto the owner at the call through an app, it drives the passengers to the destined area and then moves on to find itself a suitable parking. Everything can be viewed by the passengers through drop down screens and enjoy entertainment available from the technology. Well there are four stylish chairs available in the cabin to be seated and where's the controller's chair would you ask? Any one among the four passengers can drive this machine to the final destination. There is a large touch screen next to each seat and you can select your destination via that screen. The speed of the vehicle can be adjusted on the touchscreen, where a moving slider is available. Well old school people don't start grumbling cause your lucky as Mercedes-Benz has stated that there would always be a steering wheel telescoping from the dash in case anyone would like to go old fashioned. Well the rest of the dashboard is filled with technology, so the steering wheel would be the only manual component that you could spot in the car.

Mercedes Benz F015 Steering

There are a range of sensors placed outside the car to, sense the speed and if any lane changing should be done, it senses and acts accordingly. When the car detects a pedestrian it halts and lets the pedestrian to cross, the car senses this though the zebra lining on the road. If the pedestrian wishes not to cross, the car can be waved and it continues to it's destination. The laser can also project other warning signs on the road and communicate it with other road users. This car wouldn't be able to answer the question on whether it can think like human or does it have emotions like a human? Well we'd have to wait and see when the car is revealed to the streets.

Mercedes Benz F015 Interior

Mercedes Benz F015 Side
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