Bentley Bentayga EXP 9 F The SUV

Staged For A 2016 Release 'We don't see performance, We see potential' as stated by Bentley Motors

The Roque Bentayga, an iconic, eye catching standalone peak situated in the Atlantic Canary Islands, provided further inspiration to name the Bentley model 'Bentayga'. This first concept and now soon to be real car, made it's debut in the Geneva Motor Show 2012, the main highlight is that it's the first of Bentley's SUV beginning. Upon the Bentayga's arrival Bentley has stated it will be the most powerful SUV in the market. When the EXP 9 F was revealed in the motor show, Bentley had said they would make a final decision of whether to start production of this vehicle or not to, upon the response of the audience present at the show. They had an extremely positive response, so they went ahead and now the SUV is scheduled to enter into the market in 2016.

The concept was built to accommodate Bentley's mighty 6 litre W12 engine, but the company is keeping options open, they've said that the Bentayga could also be available in V8 variant or even a hybrid system to that extend. The Bentayga is of the Bentley, when designing the vehicle they've put power and luxury together and valued it with high potential and created this model. It's quite hard when designing an SUV to get power and luxury merging together. The W12 TSI engine, is the most technically advanced 12 cylinder in the world. Delivering the ultimate power, torque and economy of any car in it's class. Well to feel this you'll either have to buy one or keep calm and read reviews.

Bentley Bentayga Exp 9 F

Observing the design carefully, you can see that the designers at the Bentley have tried to make the Bentayga out of one block of wood. In the Bentayga, technology is applied subtlety, with the aim of enhancing the experience for all the occupants inside the car. When not required, it's presence is barely noticeable. When necessary the effects can be quite striking. As you'd expect from a car with true all-terrain ability, the Bentayga comes with a wide range of, off and on road settings. With upto eight unique models that enable optimal performance on any terrain. Driving experience is another field where the Bentayga is highlighted, easy access to a range of driving modes to cutting edge driver assistance tech, to electronic power assisted steering wheel, the vehicle offers the utmost driving experience and comfort even in the most challenging situations.

Bentley Bentayga Exp 9 F Interior Front

The Bentayga is the first Bentley to offer more than two choices of sound system, including the most powerful system available in any SUV. Interface is remarkably flexible, offering a choice of touch control, rotary dials, gestures or even voice, depending on user preferences or driving conditions. At the same time rear passengers can also enjoy TV, navigation features, games, video calling and media streaming. Alas, this SUV has everything equipped in it, if your going for a long drive with family, it has necessary components usable for the trip.

Bentley Bentayga Exp 9 F Interiror

Earning this piece of Bentley wouldn't be a task, but letting Bentley hand you over would mean showing some notes of money. The prices haven't been disclosed as of lately, but by seeing the features of this SUV and being branded as a luxury accompanied by power, it sure would cost some serious money, let's wait and watch.

Bentley Bentayga Exp 9 F Side
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