Bajaj's Quadricycle Dream To Become A Reality

Bajaj is awaiting the final certification from ARAI and will be looking to launch the RE60 in a couple of months

Ever since Bajaj hit the Auto Show with its concept of the RE60, we knew where Bajaj was intending to go. The RE60 was made to cater to the masses, coming off as a machine that would be extremely affordable while being equally practical. Bajaj's infamous RE autorickshaw's still ply the streets and their owners make fortunes out of the machine's proven nimbleness to tackle the most overcrowded of streets. Primarily designed as a four-wheeled alternative commuter vehicle, the RE60 has been undergoing testing for a very long time. A series of legal barriers stood in the way of Bajaj and restricted its launch. However, with the legal matters cleared, the RE60 might soon be buzzing around in town.

Bajaj Re 60

What rather captures our interest, however, is Bajaj's idea of bringing the quadricycle – the segment to which the RE60 belongs, and where the legal objections arose, for personal use. Bajaj has already claimed that the commuter vehicle could do 35km/l - a figure that could further bring down oil dependence by a long mile. With the already unstable design of the all too familiar auto in mind, Bajaj decided that it would be better off with an additional wheel. Adding a few stylized gadgets and a more car friendly design should take the RE right amongst the cheapest car contenders; the Tata Nano being one.

Bajaj U Car Side

Bajaj U Car Rear

The U-Car would be probably marketed as a personal use vehicle, its futuristic design must turn heads while also creating an intermediate segment for such vehicles. Pouring out 20 bhp from its 216cc engine, the vehicle might as well become the best choice for city rides. Awaiting clearance from ARAI, Bajaj is currently looking at a launch window in the next couple of months.
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Last updated on 03-09-2015. Published on 03-09-2015.
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