2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn: One Like No Other

Its sensuous styling, uncompromised comfort, effortless yet exhilarating toward the horizon.

The new Rolls-Royce Dawn promises a striking, seductive encounter like no other Rolls-Royce to date and begins a new age of open-top, super-luxury motoring. Dawn is a beautiful new motor car that offers the most uncompromised open-top motoring experince in the world. It will be the most social of super-luxury drop-head motor cars. The name 'Dawn' perfectly suggests the fresh opportunities that every new day holds, an awakening, an opening up of one's senses and burst of sunshine. Compromise is not a word recognized in the Rolls-Royce lexion. Indeed the company continues to live by the clarion cry of co-founder Sir Henry Royce to 'Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.' The new Rolls-Royce Dawn greets the observer with a striking yet elegant exterior design with classic Rolls-Royce appearance and presence. It is the most vibrant Rolls-Royce yet with charming and alluring qualities that bring a new level of finesse, sophistication and refinement in a drop-head coupe, a serene yet exhilarating sense of uncompromised freedom.

All this tradition is delivered in a beautiful and thoroughly contemporary design. Like an athlete, Rolls-Royce Dawn appears poised, taught and ready to go. The latent acceleration and tension in the surfaces are increased through completely new panels which evince curvature that creates a tighter surface and a more powerful silhouette which hints at what lies beneath. Dawn's powerful and striking front end gives it a sensuous as it flows over the swell of the rear wheels, accommodating a wider track. A tapered 'wake channel' on the bonnet, emanating from the Spirit of Ecstasy's wings, evokes the sight of a jet's vapor trail, hinting at the car's dynamism. With its high shoulder line, massive C-pillar and horizontally narrow side window aperture, which viewed from side-on and roof-up, the car looks akin to a low-slung 'hot rod'. The grille and bumper focus attention on the horizontal lines of the car rather than the traditional vertical lines of the other members of the Rolls-Royce family.

Rolls Royce Dawn

The beating heart and soul of any Rolls-Royce motor car is the beloved twin-turbo 6.6 litre V12 powertrain. With a power output of 563Hp at 5,250rpm and a torque rating of 575lb. Ft at 1,500rpm, Dawn's driving experince is exceptional. This experince is enhanced by dynamic accelerator pedal mapping which delivers up to 30% increased response at medium throttle. Dawn maintains Rolls-Royce's typical steering characteristics providing superb driver feedback thereby ensuring that the car is effortless but precise to drive, while also providing a great sense of safety, even at higher speeds, no matter if the top is up or down. The result is that the new Dawn is Rolls-Royce's most powerful full four-seat drop-head motor car to date.

Rolls Royce Dawn Logo

The coach doors are impressive and graceful. The doors complement the long front wings and relaxed waft line, creating a long body profile and cosseted cabin. Evocative of the classic sports car profile, they add considerably to the easy entry and egress of rear passengers fro Dawn's luxurious embrace. The rear passengers do not merely 'get out' of a Rolls-Royce Dawn. The first impression upon entering Dawn, is of the four separate bucket seats in the midst of a sumptuous and sartorial slingshot of wood and leather. The slingshot concept runs from the driver's A-post towards the rear of the car, around the rear seats before returning to the passenger A-Pillar. The Rolls-Royce Dawn offers four very individual, cosseting seats. The vehicle is a full four seater and so there is no compromise in comfort wherever you sit. The seats have been designed to help emphasize the energetic, yet elegant intent and sense of purpose of the car, complemented by an intersecting full length centre console. The upper seat back houses the seat belt harness, which together with the pillarless bodywork enhances and emphasizes the slingshot of wood or leather with no breaks in the flow-lines. The wood on the surfaces of the trays are also book-matched down the center console in a chevron pattern pointing forward providing an accelerated feel.

Rolls Royce Dawn Roof Down

The engineering highlight of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn is the new roof. To be a true Rolls-Royce, Dawn had to deliver the hushed driving experince associated with all Rolls-Royce's. At the same time the only choice for a Rolls-Royce was a fabric roof for reasons of aesthetics, romance and brand appropriateness. Working with a fabric roof configuration, the Rolls-Royce engineering team set themselves a challenging goal which they were unwilling to compromise on, to make the quietest convertible car in the world today. This quest for silence applied to all aspects of the engineering of the new roof and by extension the new motor car.

Rolls Royce Dawn Front Seat

Now we talk some money business, this is some serious money for this luxury ultimate car. You pay £250,000 and you get this vehicle.

Rolls Royce Dawn Rear

Rolls Royce Dawn Rear Seats
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