Brabus G700 6x6 Close To A Million

Price isn't a matter, sold out within days of arrival

The Brabus was founded in the year 1977, Bottrop Germany. An aftermarket tuning company, they deal with small cars to the big bad boys. The company specializes in the brands Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach vehicles. Brabus primarily focuses in tuning the engine and re-mapping it for the car to get more horsepower and torque. Customer's often order a car from Brabus directly which makes the company to buy the specific car asked by the customer and customize it according to customer satisfaction. If the customer already owns a car they can just send it to the Brabus and then order for customization. Cosmetic modification is also a service available from Brabus, these modifications include low profile spoilers, body-kits, carbon fiber splitters and multi-piece alloy wheels. They just don't finish with exterior works they also do the interior customization as well, the fabrics of the car seats are changed, gauges, gear knob, pedals or maybe a wider LCD screen which they've done mainly for the Maybach.

When it comes to the G700 6x6 which has all the looks of a high-end military vehicle, but this one has no arms or ammunition all it is equipped with a high performance stud of horses under the hood and wheels to climb a mountain. This SUV – Sport Utility Vehicle has a 5.5L 536bhp twin-turbo V8 engine. This aggressive looking beast hadn't had enough thought the engineers at the Brabus, so they fitted two bigger turbo-chargers, upgraded the ECU, wrapped gold around the intakes to make them cool and put on a pipe for it to perform a rumbling note continuously from the exhaust.

Brabus 6x6 G700

The tyres used in this beast limit the vehicle to 159km which is it's top end. Top Gear a famous automobile portal by BBC Worldwide, had tested this car and had stated it gets quicker to it's top speed than a Maserati MC Stradale not only that, but also the Porsche 911 Carrera, Lotus Evora, Jaguar F-Type or even a Bentley Continental GT V8.

Brabus 6x6 G700 Bottom

Well if you haven't fainted seeing the exterior specs, then you could surely make it to the interior. There's diamond stitching, leather and carbon fiber in every nook and corner, but it still feels like a Mercedes-Benz factory made. Who doesn't like having overhead switches which make you feel like an aviation pilot. Each switch in the car is to denote a particular task, for example you want to go off-roading and some quantity of the air is to be released a particular switch does that task, designed for the military it has some standard tasks which is very helpful for the people who have some flat tyre problem on the run or something similar to that.

Brabus 6x6 G700

You'll need to shell out a sweet $900,000 and a fair amount or a little more for the fuel. As the purpose of this car is mainly for the off-road purpose, it also performs quite well on the road too. The production of this vehicle is slow and when brought into the showroom it is sold out, many people from different countries are still on the booking list and are awaiting to get their hands on the ultimate 6x6.

Brabus 6x6 G700 Engine

Brabus 6x6 G700 Interior
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