Ferrari FXX-K: Truly A Competitive Car

Looks like some people think that the LaFerrari isn't enough for them, this vehicle is for those who would dare to test the horse's might.

The Ferrari FXX-K is a high performance race car and prototype built by automobile manufacturer Ferrari in Maranello, Italy and designed by architect Flavio Manzoni director of Centro Stile Ferrari. The FXX-K is based on the street legal LaFerrari. Production of the limited fleet of the FXX-K is expected to start in 2015. FXX-K is Ferrari's research and development programmer centering around a laboratory car based on Maranello's first hybrid. The K in the new car's moniker is reference to the KERS kinetic energy recovery system used to maximize performance on the track. Unfettered by homologation requirements and regulations, the FXX-K will never be used in competition and was developed to be completely uncompromising. It incorporates an array of technological innovations that will guarantee an unprecedented driving experience.

A power output of 1,035hp provokes memories of insane Eighties F1 cars and if that figure falls short of the Veyron in sheer Top Trumps terms, remember that the Bugatti is lugging the equivalent of an Alfa 4C in excess baggage. The FXX-K has 101hp more than the regular LaFerrari, with 848hp generated by the 6.3 litre V12 and the remaining 187hp ponied up by the electric motor. The combustion engine has new camshafts, reworked intake manifolds and an exhaust system that junks the silencers. In low drag mode, the FXX-K has double the downforce of what we must laughably refer to as the 'standard' car. When it's in maximum attack, full aero mode, it generates another 30 per cent.

Ferrari Fxx K Front

Inside, four manettino settings qualify, long run manual boost and fast charge harness conventional and hybrid power sources to optimize performance over short or longer periods. An extra five-position manettitno governs the E-diff, traction control and Slide Slip Angle Control system. It's the FXX-K's remarkable body and aero dynamism that most commands your attention. Its aero configuration is where Ferrari's Formula One learning and a decade of FXX development led to a big pay-off. Upfront, a beautifully complex splitter sits 30mm closer to the ground. End plates and vertical fins help channels air along the side of the car.

Ferrari Fxx K Engine

Yet more fins on the side skirts improve the airflow towards and over the rear wheels. At the rear is arguably the car's most innovative and eye catching feature, a pair of unusually abbreviated rear fins that work in harness with the LaFerrari's ingenious active rear spoiler. Not much details of the vehicle have been revealed, but by observing the body design, it projects that it has something to state in a very powerful manner.

Ferrari Fxx K Rear Top View

Unlucky. The car is slated at a whopping $2.7 million. Ofcourse jaws drop hearing the price, now what drops should be kept in secret, the 40 cars that were produced are sold out and that's it there's no more of the FXX-K coming out. So all that you could do is cross your fingers and next time when your on a highway, pray that you spot a FXX-K atleast to glance at, even though you wouldn't know it passed you along with the wind.

Ferrari Fxx K Interior
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