The Tramontana R: Your Choice, Your Dream.

An exotic vehicle that has a very special verse of poetry, instead of a serial number.

Tramontana is a Spanish single or twin seat sports car, with styling inspired by open wheel racing cars. It is built by Advanced Design Tramontana in Catalonia, Spain. It was launched as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show 2005 and subsequently modified for production. It features a mid-mounted twin turbo-charged Mercedes-Benz 5.5 litre, double overhead V12 engine. This is mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox and rear wheel drive, delivering a top speed of 325Km and gets clocked from 0-100Km at 3.6 seconds. The body and interior are a mix of aluminum and carbon fibre, while the twenty inch wheels are a mix of carbon fibre and magnesium. The suspension is an adjustable double wishbone suspension. If the two seater option is demanded, the co-passenger would be seated directly behind and slightly higher than the driver. The bonnet badge is made up of solid white gold.

The R is truly ferocious, it's unique layout adds to the sensation of pure speed, sitting high over the nose. The intoxicating note of the engine, steering so direct it feels like an extension of your limbs and every piece of racing tech that could reasonably cross over and you have a recipe for something quite extraordinary. Underneath the challenging exterior there lies the wealth of engineering depth, from the carbon-fibre chassis with it's F1 levels of torsional rigidity and safety cell through the fully adjustable Ohlins horizontal dampers and external reservoirs that look so good when you lift the bonnet. Then there are the Dymag wheels with carbon-fibre rims and magnesium cores and the inline seats that keep the weight over the center line. With the silver wiring and gold contemporary things begin to get obsessive, if you ever get a chance to acquiring this car, go for the diamond encrusted interior on the options list.

Tramontana R Angle Left

With 250Kg of downforce there's more grip than anyone could reasonably break on a public road. In fact, the cornering speeds belong to high-end Motorsport with lateral grip of 1.22g on standard tires, much more on slicks. It's not a car to slide around bends at heroic angles, more a precision machine built for ludicrous speed and minimized inputs. Indeed the chassis only really comes alive at speeds, when the car gets up on it's toes, suddenly feeling alert and instantly reactive. The brakes, 380mm ceramic discs with six-piston calipers all around, haul the car down from triple digit speeds with ruling authority. The 100-0Km down speed time by braking happens in 2.5 seconds is one of the most attractive statistics.

Tramontana R Engine

Full climate control, comfortable leather trim, plush carpet and a real sound system. It can even raise itself hydraulically by 135mm from the ground to prevent any expensive scrapes, by over-speed bumps and cope with potholes and other obstacles. None of this helps with the weight. Seats are arranged in tandem to achieve superior aerodynamics and a better weight distribution. Each specimen is unique and tailored for the customer upon their preferences of colors, material and technical specifications.

Tramontana R Steering

It's EXTREME. Well both the price and the car, the vehicle ranges from $700,000 upwards. The Spanish company has decided to produce 12 cars a year, so if you have a Zonda or a Bugatti, in the garage try and purchase this meaty machine, which would most likely add essence to the other mates in the garage.

Tramontana R Rear
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