2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Up for anything, when the world is within reach.

The Mercedes-Benz GLK is a compact luxury crossover SUV, the engineers behind the GLK didn't put the vehicle through snow and sand, wind gusts and crash tests, mountain trails and racetracks just to get out of the office. They did it so you could, with complete confidence and in stylish comfort, because every adventurous soul deserves a soulmate. This luxury crossover is based on the C-Class sedan. The GLK is given a comprehensive mid-cycle update for the previous model year that included a more potent gasoline V6, a restyled exterior and the refined, upscale cabin it should have had from day 1. Mercedes also recently introduced an efficient, diesel burning GLK250 BlueTEC model to the lineup. GLK250 BlueTEC, a torque rich clean diesel twin-turbo four teams up with 19 inch wheels, a clever Agility Control suspension and the all road all season grip of 4Matic all wheel drive. Whereas the GLK360, with a 302hp gasoline V6 and a choice of rear wheel drive or 4Matic all wheel drive, it's the soul of a sport sedan wrapped in an SUV body. Standard 19inch or optional 20inch wheels make good use of its multilink suspension. Reaching 100Km in 6.5 seconds, which indeed makes good use of your time.

Only a very few automobile manufacturers balance passion with precision the way a Mercedes-Benz can. No other vehicle can trace their heritage directly to the invention of the automobile itself, or to the first all wheel drive. While the 2015 GLK-Class carries this mantle forward with honor, it does it with a spirit, all it's own wrapping its inherent aptitude in a fun loving attitude. In fact, it's the way the GLK brings opposing forces into perfect harmony that makes it stand apart from all other SUVs. It's substantial feel, the result of actual substance like high strength steel and standard 19inch alloy wheels, is matched by it's refreshing style, with crisp lines that slice through the wind while maximizing roominess. The richly finished cabin provides the ideal environment from which to enjoy its spirited performance. A pairing you can feel the moment you take charge of the wheel. It's thickly padded 3-spoke steering wheel is hand stitched in Nappa leather, an ideal blend of racy and refined. While standard Attention Assist and 11 way air bag protection have long earned the GLK acclaim for it's safety, it also earns admiration on looks alone, from it's bold grille and chrome trim to it's LED tail-lamps.

2015 Mercedes Benz Glk Class Front

The GLK's family tree is abundant with globetrotting SUVs and record breaking racecars. Strength, agility and endurance are deeply etched into its genomes. To develop its natural athletic abilities into real world capabilities, the GLK underwent a regimen few SUVs have seen. The sporty, smooth and efficient automatic transmission features an elegant electronic selector and shift paddles. All fingertip close with your hands on the steering wheel. Just a tap of either paddle gives you instant manual control on demand. Fully automatic shifting resumes after a few seconds of paddle inactivity or you can tap the shift lever to 'D' again anytime. There's also a push-button Sport setting that raises the shift points to higher rpm, ideal for more spirited driving moods. The versatile 4 wheel multilink suspension combines sport-sedan refinement with true SUV flexibility. Innovative Agility Control reads the road surface via the vertical movement of each shock absorber. It can instantly adjust their firmness for more precise control in sharp corners, without compromising the GLK's silky ride quality on rough or uneven roads.

2015 Mercedes Benz Glk Class Rear

One of the largest single pieces of hand finished wood trim ever to grace a Mercedes-Benz spans the winglike dash of the GLK. The Cabin's tiniest details will leave an even larger impression. Examine the cover for the console and you will see that it's crafted into an elegant rolltop door from a single piece of wood, precisely cut by a laser to preserve it's intricate grain. Attention Assist is a Mercedes-Benz innovation that can alert you if it detects signs of drowsiness on long drives. It measures more than 70 variables, starting in the first minutes of a drive, to establish a pattern. By continually monitoring a variety of behaviors along your trip, it can offer a warning tone and encourage taking rest if it senses you're getting drowsy. When backing up, an available rear view camera shows a live view of the area just behind your GLK on the in-dash screen. Active steering guidelines help you maneuver more smoothly. The optional surround view system composes the views of four cameras into one live Birdseye view of your nearby surroundings. The system will play the music on your phone without a cable or from a station on another continent. It'll learn how you speak and respond to your voice. It can dodge a traffic jam and find a parking spot. It'll even parallel park you in it, hands free. Your GLK can make you feel well connected, even as you get away from it all.

2015 Mercedes Benz Glk Class Steering Wheel

What sets a luxury SUV apart from a luxury sedan is foremost it's versatility, by having overview of the new GLK it certainly has succeeded in making that comparison truthful. The GLK350 should be doing some rivaling sales against some decent contenders like the Audi Q5, the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60. The cost of this SUV is set for $37,900. This is a fairly decent price tag, a good buy and looks like it's targeting a four member family.

2015 Mercedes Benz Glk Class Meter Console
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