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Best Selling Cars in the USA in 2013

Checkout the best selling automobiles in America

People are ready to invest money only on the best machines and they are of course the best selling machines as well. The USA automobile market is no different. Here also you can find a bunch of best selling cars in America. This chart may help you to select the best car for you.

Ford F-Series (F-150)
Though it's a truck, it's the best selling car in the USA. The F-150 is also the best selling pick-up for the consecutive 37 years, and the best selling vehicle in overall performance for 32 years.

The F-Series comes in 5 modes of engines- 3.7L V6, 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, 5.0L V8, 6.2L V8, and 6.2L V8 (SVT Raptor).
The 3.7L V6 model generates 302 hp @ 6500 rpm and 278 Nm @ 4000 rpm.
While, the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost produces 365 Hp @ 5000 rpm of power and 420 Nm @ 2500 rpm of torque.
An output of 360 Hp @ 5500 rpm and 380 Nm @ 4250 rpm of torque is what spelled out from a 5.0L V8 model.
At the same time, the 6.2L V8 model spits out 411 Hp @ 5500 rpm of max power and a max torque of 434 Nm @ 4500 rpm.

The F-150 is available in both 4x2 and 4x4 wheel drive. It starts at $24,070.

Ford F-150
Ford F-150

Ford F-150
Chevy Silverado
Toyota Camry
Honda Accord
Chevrolet Cruze
Ram 1500
Honda Civic
Toyota Corolla
Honda CR-V
Nissan Altima
Ford Fusion
Ford Escape
Ford Focus
Chevrolet Equinox
Hyundai Elantra
Chevrolet Malibu
Toyota Prius
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